Between stimulus and response is a space and in that space lies our response.
Manna For Life Foundation in our second month of giving response to the stimuli of hunger, June 2019 was a progress in the on going P FAB with our feeding time table experiencing stability.
With rice, gari, beans and semo making up our served dishes, egusi vegetable chicken for a balanced diet and clean water for a complete and proper nutrition.
Our beneficiaries, largely made up of the street and underprivileged children,felt a vivid love by the Foundation.
There is no doubt that our gradual steps are taking in the right direction as we continue to work our zero hunger campaign talk.

Following our standards of integrity and transparency in our dealings, we’re yet to facilitate our capacity building program but sure to put up delivery in that space by July.

“Hope they say?is passion for what is possible” our passion is a hope for a hunger free Africa…

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