Against the backdrop of challenges in food security in Nigeria and Africa, Manna For Life Foundation of the Nation commenced on third May2019 another project in the crusade of zero hunger.

Project Feed and Build[P FAB]  is a call to action for all to recognize the ample vacume in the food security space and exercise resilience in ensuring a round food distribution through wealth creation for a Contry/Continent free from hunger and porverty.

Friday May 3 fell on the birth week of the Founder of Manna For Life Foundation, also doubled as the kick of day for THE MANNA HOUSE  TMH service to humanity.

In attendance were friends, well wishers and of course, the numero uno beneficiaries.

Children and adults came as expected and in the spirit of feeding, everyone was served not only to benefit from the project but also to join in celebrating the Founder on the occasion of his birthday.

In his keynote address, Mr. Olukayode Ogedengbe the Sage stressed that achieving a hunger free society through capacity building for wealth distribution and food security is the ultimate goal of the foundation.

The 2nd Friday had some sitting with an early preparation of food but with a low turnout which later suggested the use of disposables, food was adequately given as there was a need to understand with the fasting faithfuls.

Third Friday had a better turn out. It was a sunny day, hence the kick start of the day’s activities.

Having realized Ramadan Fast a factor for the low turn out, food after serving at THE MANNA HOUSE, was taking to the destitutes at Council bus stop for a close of the day.

Friday 24th May was no less in the feeding program, the cooks were on  time as they had access to clean water in the facility since the problem was resolved during the week. Two widows from Ayobo joined the beneficiaries list and a blind lady by the name Felicia was given food items for feeding in school as she resumes. There were destitutes who rather chose to find their way to The Manna House so as to have food to break with at iftar and in the wake of our in house service, was the reach out to the homeless in Ikotun.

It was a last Friday May the 31st when it rained for the longer part of the  day, that however didn’t pose any disappointment.

For those who were just coming for the first time,”It’s a laudable one“ they remarked as everyone happily ate and we’re glad to have put food in the bellies and smiles on the faces of several scores of poor hungry and needy people in  just a month.

Following logistics reasons, we could only achieve the feeding program in the month of May, June however promises to be better. Some capacity building exercise is already in the pipeline, both to feed and to build, we’ll deploy in order to achieve another step to our long term vision.

Wishing our Sage and FounderComrade Olukayode Ogedengbe a happy birthday as he clocked a significant year on May the  2nd 2019.

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